Leather Craft Training #5 – Cutting & Edging a Belt – Basic Skills HD

Learn important basic techniques for leatherwork. A professional in the industry teaches how to cut a strap for a belt or bracelet using “The Strap Cutter,” and then shows how to edge bevel the strap Beck Leather & Crafts http://www.BeckLeather.com

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12 Replies to “Leather Craft Training #5 – Cutting & Edging a Belt – Basic Skills HD”

  1. but what if both edges are not straight?
    you started with one straight edge against the cutter

  2. I need something like this, but can i use for soft textil  ?You can help me ? (sorry my English language is not good) :)) 

  3. I seriously just had the worse luck trying to cut a straight strap I kept getting wobbly edges, now I realize its cus I was using a thin chrome tanned leather versus super thick and sturdy veg tan. I'm thinking that was my error. 

  4. I was hoping to see you bevel the edge of the hairy side of the leather.  I just got a beveler today, and it isn't working on the rough side for me.

  5. the strap cutter seems to work for thick leather. I bought one and tried to work with thin leather, got very disappointed! I did exactly what the instructions said but didn't work. The strap starts narrow and it gets wider by the time you finish cutting.

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