Leather Craft Training #7 – Finishing Leather – Basic Skills HD

Learn important basic techniques for leatherwork. A professional in the industry teaches how to finish off a leather strap using gum tragacanth and an edge slicker
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15 Replies to “Leather Craft Training #7 – Finishing Leather – Basic Skills HD”

  1. Question… do you normally put edge coat and dye leather before doing burnishing? I thought you burnished first, then dye, then edge coat? Thanks. Great videos.

  2. Love your videos. Straightforward, cut to the chase, no pretentious waffle and no sleazy pitch. A joy to watch and as a neophyte I feel confident to give leather working a start.

  3. SERIOUSLY?!?!
    No 15 minutes of shout-outs, no BS, no long winded stories about something totally unrelated to the heading of the video?
    Just a couple of minutes long and only the facts?
    OK, I'll buy it.

  4. Or if you have a better idea. Some of these wallets and watch bands almost feel like they have this latex material on the edge. Wondering how I can achieve that kind of style. Sorry for the double post. Great video nonetheless!

  5. Question, if I want to apply some sort of kote or edge color, would I do it before I put the gum tragacanth? You said leather dye on before but just want to confirm. Trying to give my leather strap a different color edge that looks crisp and flawless.

  6. Hi, thanks for the video. Can you suggest an alternative to gum trag as we don't get it in this country. Thanks!

  7. Do you have any tips on how to treat the backside (underside) of leather? I heard that you can sand it and apply gum tragacanth to it. After you apply gum tragacanth, do you buff it somehow or just let it soak in? And what do you use to apply gum tragacanth to a large surface, a brush or a sponge?

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