14 Replies to “Leather or Pizza cutter”

  1. I have a lint and sand covered bucket knife to cut pizza with.

  2. This fake is. Yu cant not cut metal with knif! Why such vdeos on load up? Insult me.

  3. I know that was edited but I wish it wasn't the way you sliced that steel with a knife. But amazing work.

  4. Как без единого слова узнать, что видео не из России? Вместо того, чтобы сначала обрезать по размеру, чувак стачивает на гриндере полкилометра стали

  5. You need a lots of tools to create one tool ????. Is like the jobs you get experience from ask you for experiences ????????

  6. I'm more intrigued by that knife just cutting through at the beginning with ease!????

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