Light-O-Rama Sequencing Tutorial 1 Breakdown

This tutorial shows how to create a new musical sequence, how to start sequencing your first song, and how to break a song up into its musical elements.

Files for this tutorial can be found on my Google drive:

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  1. Hello I have one question I just started doing this about a year ago I’m using light O Rama software My light controller is CTB16PC and I’m thinking I want to go with strip lighting to i’m thinking of purchasing a E1.31 controller on the light o Rama I can use red green blue conversion on the same software but I don’t know if I can Daisy chain cat 5 Connected to CTB16PC Controller can you do both on the same networking and my software I have can convert to Red green blue channels do I have to use a different networking on the same computer for the software to run both controllers? Very confusing… thanks lots to learn

  2. laura mcdougal1 second agoI have two sequences that run fine. One has 4 controllers, the other has only 2 controllers. How do I copy only the channel configuration for controllers 3&4 into the other existing sequence without overwriting the existing 2 channel controllers?

  3. Can you tell me if it is possible to change the color of an entire channel of RUB, without the painstakingly task of redoing the channel with the color you want.
    For example; I have an RGB Animation sequence of a singing face. I want to change the eye color from one color to another without changing each cell in the channel, one at a time.
    If possible, could you explain. I have LOR 4.6.2

  4. I have been using LOR for a few years now. I have moved to three different houses during that time, so I have to redo the channel configuration each time. I learned a few new tricks from you about how to use the tracks and groups to make sequencing easier, and how to handle moving to a new house if the need arises again someday.. I also like the the null channels you use for song breakdown. I will be implementing these ideas from now on.


  5. is there any plugins that can sync up most of the work because i'm reaching a deadline and it doesn't have to be accurate down to the millisecond.

  6. So i had to replace the same song that i had to cut by 1 measure in Premiere… i put it back into LOR but now short by 1 measure starting at 46 seconds… Now in LOR at 46 seconds there is a measure of music missing. I need to delete all those light boxes that i programed within that measure which i can do, however i dont know how to take the whole rest of the light show(Grid) to the right side, and move it to the left till it closes in on the deleted section butting it up to that 46 second mark…… sorry if this is confusing. i did notice a button on top near the middle that has to standing up rectangles with arrows both pointing inward….

    Thought i would ask you first if this will help to collapes the gap of that light section (about 1 measure) other wise everything to the right of 46 seconds will be out of sync.

  7. what does he mean when he says the first several channels that are NOT mapped to anything, are being used for the song??

  8. I would be so every grateful if you could contact me. So i am creating my own drawing in the Visualizer and i need to use the same visual layout for 5 seperate songs, I also need to import music like i mentioned later on after i finish drawing in my visual. Pls call at 5753171724 im still a bit confused on some things

  9. I am about to customize my own layout on LORama for the World of Lights that we are doing for the Christmas Railway.
    I was going to open a new project without importing a song first because we have not bought the copyrights to it yet….Problem is, when you open up a new blank session it asks you in the beginning to find a song, and i will have to skip that part for now.
    Do you know how i can import that song later on after i work on drawing out my idea's first? sorry i know this may be confusing but i cannot find "import" songs anywhere.

  10. Have you looked a "Vixen Lights 2.0". I tried it and it works great plus do you have any good ideas on synchronizing 2 homes.

  11. Does the beat wizzard automatically line up a voice and puts a mark down?

  12. Been watching you videos Thanks for posting them. The really helped me get out of the box so to speak. I having trouble with the play and play again buttons. When i hit stop then whether i hit play again or hit play, the sequence always starts over from the beginning. Ever experience this. I also having trouble with the grid lining up with the channels. There is this white bar lining up with channel 1 and channel 2 button is lined up with channel one's grid. I'm perplexed.

  13. How do you design you're yard lighting to coincide with the software? I.e. do you draw up snowflakes, ornaments , trees, etc then visualize them in the software?

  14. Good vid so far . Looking forward to learning from your next ones BUT …. This whole first step is not nessecary . If you expand your wave form , you don't need to do this . Thats what the wave form is for . It takes less than a minute or 2 to learn to read the wave form , and is the most useful tool available to get all your beats and timing bang on .  Thats why all dj's use it . 

  15. John, awesome tutorial. It's helped me a ton. One thing I'm having problems with is subdividing timings. It's greyed out for me and not selectable. Is it because I have 3.12 basic plus version?

  16. Sounds like you know a little bit about music! =) This is very similar to a midi editor in music notes. Midi music notation would be much faster then this way. Half notes and quarter notes instead of having to cut block in half like that. Gonna play with this program later. Good tutorial! Makes perfect sense! =)

  17. Thank you so much for this Video . This is my second year with LOR the first year I got it late so I cheated and downloaded my Sequences I had to change them a Little through copy and paste  but my Neighbors liked it.  This year Im trying to make my own. You have shown me so many short cuts or um things that im doing wrong. I have renewed confidence now. Thank you so mUCH.

  18. Just got my Light o Rama and have been looking around at tutorials. Most of them are loaded with, um, and um, and this is my preference, wait lets go back and they speak real slow. Then I found yours, a 60 minute tutorial done in 31 minutes. Some people may not like the speed, but, I appreciated it greatly as growing up, mom was always a hundred miles an hour. This was an absolutely great tutorial. Not only did I get to learn, I got some really good info on listening to the background music and the sounds. Then when watching the completed show, I was jazzed. This will help me to make my show that much better. Thank you.

  19. Thank you!  That was a great tutorial.  I'm interested in doing something similar for Christmas 2014. For the mini trees,  Do you mind saying what type of lights you used and how many per tree?  

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