Living Alone Diaries | Back in New York, decluttering and redecorating apartment, eating at 5 AM…

Hello everyone! Thank you for your patience with this vlog. I’m finally back in New York and I’m so happy to be back home. I felt the urge to declutter my apartment and start with a fresh space. Clear space, clear mind!

enjoy 🙂

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21 Replies to “Living Alone Diaries | Back in New York, decluttering and redecorating apartment, eating at 5 AM…”

  1. when michelle said she loves waking up at 5:30, my messed-up-sleep-schedule self full on thought she meant 5:30PM

  2. Ahhh following your Korea trip was so fun!!!! I’m glad you’re back in NYC though!!! Hehe

  3. Does anyone know or if Michelle could tell me where you get your shelf for the speaker from? 🥲🥲

  4. Omggg Michelle I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in Itaewon with my credit card points a few weeks ago! Hahaha 💕

  5. Thank you so much for sharing with us your amazing adventures and experiences dear Michelle, I actually also live in Manhattan and you know I've been going to this amazing place called Brahma Kumaris (306 5th Ave., 2nd floor between 31st & 32nd Streets), they teach Raja Yoga, which complements perfectly the Hatha Yoga, but is much more connected with the self to be able to control and transform thoughts for a better life. Just wanted to let you know 😉 please receive a warm hug from a big fan xoxo

  6. I started tearing up when you were talking about the restaurant that was closed and you were emotional about it. I’ve gone through a similar experience like that 😢

  7. I missed your videos! I’m done catching up with all your videos and the waiting game for a new one seems too loooong. But you go girl! Take your time! 💕

  8. hi Michelle 👋 this helps me to decanter my apartment and organize!! for this weekend! and listen to music ❤ luv ya babe! take care, stay safe!!

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