Living Alone Diaries | Simple week at home cooking, running around NYC, ideal weekends, daily tasks

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Milk thistle

– about me –
Hi there! My name is Michelle and I’m based in NYC! On my channel you’ll see videos about Korean beauty, skincare routines, vlogs, get ready with me, Q&A’s, and etc. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy!


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23 Replies to “Living Alone Diaries | Simple week at home cooking, running around NYC, ideal weekends, daily tasks”

  1. I love watching fellow introverts spending their days in the comfort of their own home and company 🀍✨🫢

  2. I was at the same AMC just last night to watch 'Easter Sunday' with my daughter! Pretty cool place to be!

  3. And Michelle I am LIVING for this progression in your style! Don't get me wrong, you dressed cute before but the older you get the more your style is giving "grown and sexy w/o even trying" and I'm here for it! You seem more confident and genuinely happy, I love this for you girl!!! πŸ₯°β€πŸ’•

  4. I'm obsessed with how beautiful is the Clarins lip oil, what color is it Mish?πŸ’‹

  5. Hello Michelle! I saw you wearing the same pearl necklace for this and your previous video! Where did you get it from? πŸ˜€

  6. Always enjoy seeing snippets of your life, Michelle! Would love if you did more sit down, chit chats with us too πŸ™‚ I like hearing your thoughts!

  7. Dobby has to be the most human like dog I’ve ever seen, I just know he splits rent with Michelle

  8. ν•œκ΅­μ–΄μžλ§‰ 빨리 μ˜¬λΌμ™€μ„œ 기닀리지 μ•Šκ³  λ°”λ‘œ λ³Ό 수 μžˆμ–΄μ„œ λ„ˆλ¬΄ μ’‹μ•„μš”β€ λ―Έμ‰˜λ‹˜μ˜ λ‰΄μš•μΌμƒ λ³΄λŠ”κ²ƒλ§ŒμœΌλ‘œλ„ λ„ˆλ¬΄ νžλ§λΌμš”β€

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