Living in a box: Turning containers into homes

You won’t believe what these people have done to these old containers to create amazing homes and living spaces. Videography by Ryan Navarro

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  1. Consider your mutruk child asking for shelter. (Container will be the solution). Which has no resources.How would you help .It is very interesting … 🤣🤣I need a house container. I want it very much. I have a yard and I do not have a house. When I go, he sleeps in a tent … help me with the purchase … I will give you pictures. Hopes … thanks in advance and sorry ❤👍🍷🍾

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  3. Hi there , I am thinking of making a container home in Srilanka its in the tropical environment , please advice me on your comments , on Eathing the structure? or how does it with stand lightning ? my email is

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