Living On 500k-A-Year At Age 28, In Seattle | Millennial Money

Here’s how I live on my 500k-a-year income in Seattle, WA at 28 years old.
——————- This is a spin-off of the series Millennial Money, by CNBC!

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11 Replies to “Living On 500k-A-Year At Age 28, In Seattle | Millennial Money”

  1. Please share who your health insurance provider is. You said $13/month for Catastrophic coverage, is that correct?

  2. I have to say, it’s so interesting and refreshing to see someone that I really admire and who inspires me also shares the same struggles with money. When you talked about never having made a budget or opening your bank account and being anxious, I felt that.

  3. I'm a 54 year-old woman from Australia and I love this kind of video. I've been following you and Shelby for a few years and i am so impressed by your work ethic and willingness to share so much financial information, I find it absolutely fascinating. It blows my mind that people earn this kind of money (I know how hard you work). I'm always excited when I see a new video from you and Shelby, well done, you deserve everything you get. xx

  4. Yeah I could definitely imagine the anxiety of opening your bank account when you make 500k a year …… Here I am not not even making 30k a year living in san diego lmfao

  5. Did I just make it up, or was there once a video you posted where someone gave you two bottles of wines and you said you liked the cheaper one better….??

  6. Great video Monica! Appreciate your candor. I always feel like budget videos underestimate expenses. I'm not surprised by your $400 monthly wine cost. That's easily done over the course of a month if you buy 2-3 bottles as well as hit a few happy hours with friends.

  7. You may want to consider keeping the Porsche and buying an additional car. It’d be more money, but it may be worth it to be able to keep both cars. 🙂

    What kind of car were you planning on getting for hauling the AirStream?

    If you’re considering a pickup truck, then you may want to test-drive the Honda and Toyota pickup trucks. I’ve never driven a pickup truck and I know nothing about them, but they might be worth test-driving, in addition to the more common pickup truck brands.

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