LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER *Finishing Trim & Matching 100-Year-Old Stain* | XO, MaCenna

The room off to the left with the weird second front door has come a long way to turning into our living room … it’s bright and open, yet cozy but has no trim around the window and doors! It’s time to tackle those finishing touches to make the space feel more complete!

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19 Replies to “LIVING ROOM MAKEOVER *Finishing Trim & Matching 100-Year-Old Stain* | XO, MaCenna”

  1. Hey guys! I hope you enjoy todays new video! I am currently sitting in the living room still wondering if the trim is too orange and too light hahaha its a work in progress for sure!

  2. Beautiful job -well done. especially the the entrance way to the kitchen – creative solution to make the area look smooth and in keeping with the rest of the decorative wool styling. Quick word of concern Kingsley seems to be licking her nose ' a lot' in the end of the video. Not sure if that is something to do with her being over heated or something else but I am aware that its a something you need to check into because it can be related to health issues for a dog. All going well though its probably she is feeling dehydrated.

  3. Did anyone else notice the sneak peek of the front gate thats been done! During the ‘after’ clips? Haha

  4. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. its so strange I never noticed the 2nd front door until you mentioned it now!! and you've shown the before of the front of the house so many time before this..

  6. looks amazing….those finishing trim pieces make such an impact and so worthwhile

  7. I loveee your videos!!! But I’m so sorry, to have noticed Kingsley, what did you do to? Her hair ????????

  8. Your work is amazing, massive pat on the back, your attention to detail, wow, I love it ❤️ not sure how it is in the US or where you buy your wood trim from? But in the UK it's much cheaper from a timber yard that a DIY chain for big projects.

  9. Is there anything this woman can't do? ????Your attention to detail is spot on ????
    As someone else said in the comments, it's hard to watch other DIYers after watching you ????????????
    Well done as always ????????????

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