19 Replies to “Lobster With Kimchi Emulsion”

  1. Idk, I love papa Josh, but I have yet to see ANYONE take on the: "Eat Drink Man Woman – opening cooking scene", as a Challenge

  2. Lot of work and money for a meal that can finished in less than 6 seconds

  3. These anti vegan vids are beginning to feel increasingly alienating, especially as a massive fan of the channel and a long term vegan. I've been watching and learning from Josh's videos for years now and have improved immensely in my observation of technique from Josh's videos, meat based or otherwise. I bought his book and yet my lifestyle choice is seen as the butt of a joke. can't help but be disappointed :/

  4. If you feel bad for the lobster just know that codfish, haddock and seals also enjoy them..

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