19 Replies to “Long, Voluminous Waves Hair Tutorial”

  1. does anyone know where she got her dress from? the leopard print one on the left

  2. Omfg I love u so much I laughed so much😂😂😭u r like my favorite YouTuber now omfg hella funny

  3. I love this every time I curl my hair it never comes out with volume so I shall try your skills lol. Much love

  4. alright everywhere here is your I put this out every 3 months wavey hair tutorial!

  5. Ok she probably done this like a million time but maybe she was just bored and felt like doing a video for you guys ….. like just stop complaining already damn that's all yall do . . .

  6. she looks flawless without the blonde in her hair. don't get me wrong, the blonde and brown was ok but idk the dark brown/black really makes her glow.

  7. I would like to see you film there types of videos if your interested just some suggestions: Fall routine video, Girl talk videos, Vlogcember or like vlogging in december until christmas

  8. so beautiful!! that green looks so good on you, dark hair is definately so much prettier 🙂 

  9. Would love to see you vlog. You seem to run out of beauty video ideas and vlogging would be entertaining since you have the pups, gym sessions, mystery boyfriend plus cooking ect x

  10. Ugh who cares how many times you've seen a similar video…I love just hearing her talk…saying whatever, it's like listening to a friend. I'm so happy every time I see a new video because I'm legitimately excited to her what she has to say. As for the repetitiveness, how many different curling videos could you make?! Of course they are going to be similar and that doesn't mean she should stop doing them. You do you girl, you're amazing <3 xoxo

  11. Her arms are sweaty? big deal. 
    She did this vid already? big deal. 

    Like all of you hating of Jarmaine never had sweaty armpits. 
    So what if she did a video like this already. Maybe she's using a different technique, different tools, or different products. Give her a fucking break. She's only human. 

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