21 Replies to “Lot Constraints Led to Grade Beam Straddle.. Then This Happened…”

  1. Great job with the first grade beam gang. The straddle had me biting nails!! Jordan is a born pro on the machine though and got is handled 🙂

  2. Great job guys it's coming along nicely keep up the good work 🙂 and Thanks for always sharing with us!????????????JP

  3. As an architect and builder, I find the regional differences in construction methodology rather interesting. I'm in Tucson, and virtually everyone here uses round steel "nail stakes" to set their concrete forms. I don't think I've seen a wooden stake in over 25 years.

    For the uninitiated, nail stakes are pointed 3/4" (sometimes 7/8" or 1") diameter steel rods with a series of nail/screw holes one inch apart along the entire length, and usually 90 or 60 degrees to each other to make adjustments easier. They commonly come in lengths of 12" to 72", but even longer ones can be found. They are generally driven at least 6" below the footing or grade beam excavation, so there is no need to restake if there is a blowout or collapse of the trench side.

  4. Make that back G door 10 ft wide. You will need room to back a trailer through.

  5. When you get mud or oil all over your garage floor, You are going too wanna spray it off.

  6. Install a linear drain at top of ramp just before bottom sill of garage opening.

  7. Great work young man , a tip for ya , when I use my excavator and I am on a ground pac like yours . I use the back side of the bucket and scratch the surface down a bunch of times in long strokes , this compresses the loose top and creates a sharp edge. And then I use the bucket the regular way. Seat time baby.

  8. Great job fellas!!!!! I’m really loving the way you share every experience with the process, the good and the bad!!!

  9. i find it amazing how quickly you were able to find professional help in such a short time.

  10. Instead of all the bs of changing oil the soil and everything would it have made a difference to put the garage all the way at the back of your property and build a longer driveway?

  11. pour some kind of sand over the top of the concrete. that shit will get slick as all fuck.

  12. I know this is new territory for the channel… so I will check back in in about a month for an update… we did our footers our self for our home in 1995…. two story 3260 square feet total… state required us to dig 4 ft wide by 4 foot deep and backfill the footers with sand compacting it every foot… then the concrete guys used their mini excavator to dig the footers in out work… slow and tedious for us… so I know what you are going through. see ya in a month…

  13. Y'all going to post the pipe rack build?

    Respect for going with Colin Raye. Miss singers like him. "On the Verge" is still one of my favorites.

  14. By the time you guys are done with this slab, Jordan will be a pro on that mini ex! Loving this series… Keep up the great work! Miss Y'all here in BR. Next time y'all come back to town, hmu and we'll build you a nice rack for the truck…

  15. hi studs! Bondo Built on Youtube has some excellent videos on concrete processes.

  16. On this episode of Stud Packin’… ????
    Time for a collaboration with Demolition Ranch and Victory Outdoor Services!!

  17. I'd be going lip, not ramp. 1/2" lip is plenty to stop a driving rain providing the door rests on the lower lip. 1/2" is minor.

  18. Lot constraints led to grade beam straddle then this happened… Cave in?! Nothing happened, really, just minor form touch-up. Kinda click-bate-ish…

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