Love & Best Dishes: Fudge Brownie Bites with Cherry Mousse Recipe

Fudge Brownie Bites with Cherry Mousse Recipe – Whether you make bite-size desserts for parties or keep it simple for the family at home, these chocolate desserts are winners!
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Fudge Brownie Bites with Cherry Mousse Recipe:
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27 Replies to “Love & Best Dishes: Fudge Brownie Bites with Cherry Mousse Recipe”

  1. On your recipe for pineapple cake, how much baking soda do you use. You didn’t say when you were making it. Thanks for all your great recipes . Alice

  2. This Fudge Brownie Bites with Cherry Mousse recipe looks so delicious Paula.

  3. One more thing, Paula is an absolutely beautiful woman but I am glad she didn’t go down the modeling business route lol

  4. Thank y’all so much! With so much negativity & toxic positivity it is so nice to feel comforted and have something to look forward to every day!

  5. Sure would be nice to have someone in your life that cooks like Paula, Jamie & Bobby do. Groover's no slouch when it comes to making good food too.

  6. Hi Paula👋 I love brownie and I love cherries this looks delicious🍒🥛☕😁😍🥰🤩💛🖤🧡👍👍🤟🤟👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏thanks for sharing I love watching your videos

  7. Love cherries with chocolate! But what an annoying discussion of “fancy” versus “not fancy” with Theresa’s tedium of input…Paula loves drama btw so it’s all good! 😉 Now as for the camerawork…We know Theresa is persnickety and meticulous. So any errors are intentional. 😂 She’s doing it for the haters. 😂😂 Just kidding…(maybe?) Have a great day everyone.🙂

  8. Jesus Christ, Paula! I’ll gladly pay for that expensive wallpaper if that means we can get Eddie back sooner from painting to release Teresa from her so-called camera duties. I shouldn’t have to take Dramamine to enjoy one of your videos. 🥴😵‍💫🤢

  9. These last few new videos are going in & out of focus,it's nauseating to watch…
    I think Paula said Teresa is photographing at the moment..

  10. hubby loves brownies and cherries , he eats his marchino cherries on his ice cream , every nite!!! but i think when i do the brownies i will put them in a mini cup cake tin as it would come out perfect without the work of cutting them up , thanks for a great video and recipe Paula!!

  11. Bless you Teresa for filling in for Eddie. And Paula I get when you have arthritis it's so irritating when your hands don't wanna grip or do anything.

  12. I miss the older videos from your former house. They were more intimate and more involved with the different steps of the cooking.
    You had the dogs barking, family sitting at the table etc.
    These new ones seem to jump through too quickly and seem perfunctory.
    And before I get replies about "if I don't like it, then don't watch"… I'm well within my rights to give feedback about format.

  13. Yum to the yum! Oh my goodness those would be delicious. Love and Best dishes

  14. Sooo delicious!!😀😀😀would you ask Eddie to get the doggone focus to work correctly???🤣🤣🤣 lol

  15. You could also bake the brownies in a mini muffin pan instead of using the cookie cutters. It would be less work and still “fancy” lol. I love chocolate and cherry together. I had a really good chocolate fudge that had cherries and nuts in it and man that was good.

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