Love & Best Dishes: Q&A with Bobby Deen

Love & Best Dishes: Q&A with Bobby Deen – Bobby Deen answers questions about his triplets and his favorite places to eat in Savannah and shares a funny story about Paula when she was younger.
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18 Replies to “Love & Best Dishes: Q&A with Bobby Deen”

  1. Have an aloe vera plant nearby for burns, saved a friend's hand from oil burn once. Healed almost like new!😉

  2. I'm not interested in this…lol

    Where's Paula at !
    Please film her book events and show us … fieldtrips are welcome

  3. If I had an opportunity to ask Paula or Bobby a question that one of them would respond to, it would be this two parter:

    Are the Paula Deen recipes on YouTube for fried chicken and chicken fried steak the exact same recipes (scaled down, of course) that are used in your family’s restaurant?

    If so, would you be so kind to link the best, latest, restaurant quality versions of both recipes in your response below, so that there isn’t any confusion?

  4. Hi Bobby my name is Dylan my question is to you is what is your favorite recipe when you made with your mom?

  5. Awesome story. I used to also get up in the back of car by the glass and go to sleep on trips to Alabama and Florida. My relatives lived Alabama so we traveled over there twice a month. The good old days. My how times have changed. You tell the best stories Bobby. This was a great video

  6. I enjoyed the Q&A! Bobby – really enjoy your healthy versions of your Mom’s recipes. Everything she makes is awesome!

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  8. This was fun! Love it when you do a Q&A. Hope everyone has a great week ahead! God bless!

  9. I almost didn't recognize Bobby. He looked so different and lost lot of weight. I still loved him though. I miss his show when he was in NY.

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