Love & Best Dishes: Refrigerator Tomato Salsa Recipe | Homemade Salsa Recipe

Refrigerator Tomato Salsa Recipe | Homemade Salsa Recipe – Learn how to make salsa at home and how to peel tomatoes. This easy salsa recipe with fresh tomatoes is the best salsa recipe ever!
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Refrigerator Tomato Salsa Recipe:
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16 Replies to “Love & Best Dishes: Refrigerator Tomato Salsa Recipe | Homemade Salsa Recipe”

  1. Hi Paula👋 well you always give great tips those tomatoes look delicious🍅 I love all these great recipes😁😍🤩🥰💛🧡🖤👍👍🤟🤟 I love watching your videos

  2. salsa is more like a sauce.. i would call this a "pico de gallo" (rooster's beak) just like your friend said. ..looks fresh n tasty, Paula.. thank you.

  3. Your salsa looks delicious!! Can’t wait to make it!! Perfect for summertime!!

  4. PUla I wish so bad that I could meet you and chat for a while. I. I. Delaware.

  5. Thanks for your support in the troops Paula and Theresa and whoever else does that because my dad was in the navy for 20 years so I’m a navy brat he was in the desert storm and was in the first ship over there because they were on the way home from the voyage they were on thought to let you know that he’s passed on since October 1998 and his birthday is this month so as my mom and she’s passed on to this month is her anniversary of her passing

  6. I like my salsa mild thank you very much, does look refreshing. have a great day Paula and Theresa

  7. Looks so good. Thanks Paula and Theresa! Hope Eddie is almost done with the project. He is missed!

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