How do we make the world’s most comfortable leather sneaker? We raised the bar on what it means to be “Made in Italy.”

When we started Koio, we set out on a yearlong journey to identify Italy’s most talented and obsessive craftsmen. Eventually, we found them tucked away in the hills around le Marche.

Together we’re crafting sneakers with an insane level of attention to detail. Our lastmaker is a master of anatomy. He understands comfort better than anyone else. Our leather is directly sourced in the region. It feels exceptionally smooth, and at the same time is uncompromisingly durable. And our stitching is done so carefully, your Koios will travel millions of steps together with you. Each sneaker is made of more than 100 individual parts, and touches 42 hands in the production process.

The result? A sneaker that redefines Italian craftsmanship.

Some might say our version of “Made in Italy” is a little extreme, but that’s the only way we’d ever do it.

12 Replies to “MADE IN ITALY, THE KOIO WAY.”

  1. I have several pairs of the Capris and love them. Tried the Metro and Portofino and neither worked very well for me. The Metro is way too narrow in the toe box, even after sizing up and the Portofino was loose around the ankle even when lacing as tight as possible. I posted a 4-star review on Koio's website and they reached out to me, asking how they could get me to change it to 5-stars. They never posted my review. It's a deceptive practice. Keep that in mind when purchasing from them.

  2. It would be nice of you to open stores across the african continent,one south Africa another in kenya and Nigeria.

  3. My greatest wish is for koio to open stores across the african continent xo that africans can have a test of italian fashion.

  4. I just bought my first pair on a trip to the US and i love them! Is sad that customs almost double the price when shipped to my country, otherwise I would definitely own the onyx and the triple white.

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