30 Replies to “MAGGIE QUIT CHEER!? | Vlogmas Day 2”

  1. Is anyone gonna talk about cieras β€œgym” for entrepreneurship class how expensive the gym was! Unless that’s the normal price and I just go to cheap gyms…..πŸ€”

  2. they can drive I didn't even know lol…..how old r they I thought they was like 14…😱😱😱😱

  3. I've had a school iPad since 5th grade and I'm in 8th now, but I think we turn them in next year and get a computer next year. Also we get to take them home too.

  4. How it works do you have. Another brother or sister or does like Maggie

  5. Wow they get out at 2:50 and get a day where they get out early? I start at 8:00 and get out at 3:15. I wish I could get out of school early every Wednesday

  6. She seriously QUIT?????!!!!!!!!! Why????😭😒😒😭

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