26 Replies to “Magic Flow Trick”

  1. Some people were quoting Christopher and saying that he wants her to take off her top now I know most of you probably don't know this but thats Colleen Ballinger Christopher's Sister who also is Miranda sings

  2. call me a whatever but shouldnt a lot more water have poured out when she tipped the bottle?

  3. @smartiesboo12 A specatator wouldn't be able to do that and a toothpick would make to big a hole

  4. no, u have to pre-set a bottle before the trick, but it only takes about 5 sec and everything is examinable at the end!!!

  5. I'm not asking how to do it, but I would like to know if this trick can be done with any water bottle given to you. Anyone know, and don't mind answering?

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