make BASIC outfits STYLISH!

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Today I have some easy style tips to help transform your basic outfit combos when you’re feeling lazy! Hopefully this is helpful if you’re looking for some outfits ideas to spice up your everyday looks!

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Hair Clips – Dolls Kill |
Jeans – MixxMix |
Eyeshadow – Limecrime Aurora |

Red Velvet 빨간 벨벳 – Bad Boy 나쁜 소년 ( Steel Remix ) –
Engelwood –

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27 Replies to “make BASIC outfits STYLISH!”

  1. I found this channel, looking for inspiration for getting a more colurful style. And I must say stealthespotligth is doing it.

  2. Hiii 😀 i also want to live in wide leg jeans but i cant find any for my short height. I love the ones you wear from mixmix but theyre too long for me, im 4’11

  3. As a fellow Australian, would you be able to do a part two for summer looks when it's 30C+ and there's no way you're wearing long pants, layers or long sleeves?

  4. This break things down so easy that I’m not stressed about how to put things together each morning anymore 🤩🙀

  5. rewatching for style inspo and KATIE! the makeup and hair in this video is just the living end. 💚💙💜 I’m ready for summer to come back to the US so I can bring out my cutesie hair clips and lighter shades for makeup.

  6. I originally was looking for anime / merch outfit inspo and stumbled across a video of you dressing up as anime characters but with a more casual twist. To say the least, I AM OBSESSED!! 😭 I can’t wait to apply some of these tips and pieces to my own wardrobe. Thank youu 💕😌

  7. I freaking love vests but where I live they are unable to find in shops or thrift stores. :(( Dont understand whyy

  8. i just found this girl and have been watching her for the past hour so tell me why i just now realized she has an accent lol wth

  9. The jewellery tip is so good, I always feel so lost the with jewellery and so just don't, thanks!

  10. i feel too chucky to wear any of these outfits ;c can you make an outfit video for outfits to make one look slimmer?

  11. I recently found this channel the other day and I find myself thinking bout it, like how can it be that good… i think I'm in love LOOL. Nah but seriously the tips are actually helpful and are going to improve my style forever!!

  12. you inspired me to wear items I wouldn't have been comfortable wearing before so thank you

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