Make Beautiful Aquarium Very Simple | DIY Nano Aquascape For Betta Fish | Mr Decor #144

[Top Version] How To Make Planted Aquarium Betta At Home Ideas
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Amazing DIY Aquarium Decoration Ideas For Betta & Guppy Fish – Setup Nano Aquascape Have Co2 Filter
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In this video we show you how to grow aquatic plants in a green aquarium
Micranthemum “Monte Carlo” is a common and easy to grow foreground plant.
– carpet plants, foreground, can be grown on driftwood, rocks ..
– Origin: South America
– growth rate: fast, medium, compare the walking speed with other common foreground plants as follows: Japanese Pearl fastest , Pearl Pearl, Pearl of Cuba, Buried Dwarf Burdock
– height: maximum 3-4cm: maximum 3-4cm
– requires medium to strong light, temperature of 20-29 degrees “preferably below 27 degrees co2 is not necessary but will grow more beautiful and stronger if sufficient (from 15-30 ppm co2 )
– Nutrition: requires a lot of Carbon and Oxygen, N P K, Fe trace amounts should be sufficient, not too demanding, especially like Nitrogen in the form of nh3 / nh4
– likes clean water, low organic impurities, easily attacked and killed by moss.
Good luck!
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Refer to aquarium materials:
1. Aquarium Tank:
– Aquarium 4.6 Gallon:
– Aquarium 5.4 Gallon:
– Aquarium Cube 7.1 Gallon:
– Aquarium 9.6 Gallon:
– Aquarium 17.1 Gallon:
2. Aquatic substrate:
– Aqua Soil Normal Type:
– Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum:
3. Aquarium Filter:
– Fish Tank Filter:
– Filter overflow:
– Matrix, High Capacity Biofiltration 2 L / 67.6 oz.(2-Pack):
4. Aquarium Lighting:
– LED 24-84 inch :
– USA LED Light :
5. Aquarium Heater 100W/150W/200W/300W:
6. Aquarium Thermometer:
7. 4 IN 1 Tools Cleaning Kit for Fish Tank Starter: or
8. Clean and Fill Aquarium Maintenance System:
This video was shot with:
– Camera Canon 77D:
– Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro Lens:

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  1. Where can find such a good bonsai tree? I seen only 1 type all around in Eu so super high price and not so good looking wood like this…;(

  2. Beautiful… Question, If you're gonna use marimo moss balls instead. How will you manage to treat them when they turn brown-ish? Because this is what I'm planning to do but I'm kinda worried when it comes to that lol, especially when I'm planning to use a big bonsai tree that will be hard to remove.😅

  3. 猫ちゃんイタズラをして水槽をひっくり返してはいけないよ

  4. What is in those three bags you laid down and cut open and where did you get that tree?

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