Make Your Cabinet Hardware Installation Easy With the Cabinet Hardware Jig ORIGINAL

► Never ruin expensive cabinets again, get yours today!

THE ORIGINAL CABINET HARDWARE JIG – Accurately Install handles or knobs on virtually any cabinet door and drawer front. Eliminate tedious hand measuring or homemade templates and quickly install your cabinet pulls and knobs. Designed for professionals and DIY’ers alike to make your hardware installation fast, easy, and worry free.

PRECISION YOU NEED – 10x more precise than imitations, with proven results you can count on. Patent pending True Calibration system with Perfect Match laser engraved rulers. The most accurate cabinet hardware jig on the market.

AVOID COSTLY MISTAKES – Cabinets are an investment that need to be protected. This is why we use only the highest quality materials and proprietary machining, then hand calibrate every jig so that your knobs or pulls are placed exactly where you want them. While counterfeit jigs may look the same, they cannot mimic our extreme accuracy.

LIFETIME WARRANTY – Family-owned & operated for 25 years, we build tools that stand up to the daily use of a professional and maintain the precision needed to ensure the job is done right. We offer a lifetime bushing warranty and free replacement for 60 days if the jig is not absolutely perfect. Proudly made in the USA

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  1. That’s really sweet!!! I used to make mine for the drawer pulls an cabinet handles out of 1/4” an 1 bys laying around. That’s perfect.??

  2. Gia P that may be true, but cheaper means "poor quality" not "less expensive"

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