Maker Faire: Life Size Mouse Trap

It’s hard enough to get the mouse trap to work right in the board game, but the San Francisco crew at Maker Faire managed to pull it off on a human scale several times over the weekend. The rig apparently took 10 years to build.

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  1. Ahhhh, Life Size Mouse Trap! I saw it for the first time at Burning Dude back in the day… favorite part was that it took FOREVER to actually work, but that's all part of the schtick I suppose. What made that wait fun and made us all laugh and dance was the great entertainment of one of the raddest one-woman bands I have ever seen. Esmerelda Strange had me mesmerized!

  2. ScienceGuyOrg now has two videos andο»Ώ two article on mousetrap cars. I enjoy viewing all the approaches that people take in building the cars.

  3. @DragonBallPivot
    i know she should be singing i smoke to much crack im really addicted to it i hate singing this song lol

  4. A life size mouse trap is only a couple inches long. This simply just a giant one.

  5. Notice that if u really had a real"life size" mouse trap it would only be a couple of inches bigger than the origonil board game because of the size of the mouse

  6. *is left scratching my head* What would possess someone to build the contraption when it worked only half the time in the game? XD

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