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  1. Lisa… all that mAke- up, lipsticks, brushes, accessories etc is exactly what I thought you would have… enough to fill a small makeup counter… I love it🌻🌻💜💜

  2. You should do a new make up storage video is been a lot of years and I’m sure your tastes have changed a lot. I did really enjoy your Chanel make up in this video. Chanel is my absolute favorite 90% of the time

  3. Hi Lisa, do you still have/use your Clear Cube?
    I would love to see an update😀

  4. Very helpful. I have a lot too but yours are in better order. I keep blushes and eye shadows since they really they never get bad. I donate to people I know who may need or want nice makeup too now-feels good letting go to those gals like you do. I need the clear storage bad so I can SEE my stashes!. Buying soon. Omg this is 10 years old seeing this! newer to your videos. Thx so much 🙂

  5. I couldn’t possibly have that much stuff 98% you don’t use. . It’s tooo much.

  6. Definitely a floor lamp dear. And if you put your two vanities side by side but a small space in between you could use the floor lamp for both vanities.one vanity for makeup and the other one for your nail station. Live them both

  7. This was way back in 2010 but Lisa this was great!! Gave me some ideas!! Wish you could do an updated video of this one..love it!! Live your grandmothers vanity so pretty..I would use a tall lamp

  8. Hurricanes!! Yes!! I've got several just hanging around the house. Why didn't I think of that before? Thankyou Thankyou, Lisa! I love that you have your Grandma's things.

  9. Get a mirror with lights…I have one similar to yours and I do my make up there..I love it..

  10. To funny my l bar of favs showed this video…Lisa I can not believe how organized you are unbelievable!! Love the clear cube…. good Christmas idea for my daughter's! Your one beautiful lady inside and out…. and showing all your personal makeups etc.. Now a days I def wouldn't do update though…. love watching you new ones and old vlogs! Thanks😘

  11. Very nice collection, Lisa.  I'm sold on getting the Clear Cube. 🙂

  12. Lisa I know this video is sooo old and besides just loving every video of yours and I truly mean it . I suffer from insomnia and you are the only person i love and enjoy to sit here and watch I love ur personality u are soo genuine so sweet so loving so into family and god and ugh it's just like an American dream I feel .. When I watch u! Lol but I'm just thinking MY GOD where does she fit alllllll the stuff u hve accumulated over the 5 years tht this video was made …lol

  13. This video popped up on my recommended page….lol  -how far you have come !!  You should do a updated video on this -since i know you have ALOT more makeup now. xoxo

  14. What lighting did you find works best for your makeup station?  Love your videos!

  15. We are so crazy about makeup!! I can remember when everything I wore fit in a small-medium bag lol!!i can remember only having one mascara that I loved one foundation and maybe a few different eyeshadow pallets!!

  16. Love love love you Lisa!! You are so sweet!! I am a fellow sweet southern Alabama girl myself!! We enjoy a lot of the same things!!

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