Making 100 Espresso Cups

This video tells the tale of the throwing, trimming and handling of these simple, stoneware espresso cups. I discuss how I manage working on 100+ pieces at a single time, and how important proper drying is. I hope you like it and apologies for the jump-scare about halfway through…

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0:00 – Weighing out and wedging all the clay
1:07 – Throwing the espresso cups
3:22 – Covering the pots to dry slowly overnight
6:39 – Using a chuck to trim the cups
10:55 – Pulling the handle blanks
12:44 – Ciro giving me a heart attack
14:33 – Pulling the handles on the cups
17:59 – Quality control, finishing the pots bases
19:47 – The finished cups

I throw using both a Rohde HMT 500 & 600 potter’s wheel and fire using Rohde kilns too, the electric is a TE-200 and the gas kiln is a KG-340.

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11 Replies to “Making 100 Espresso Cups”

  1. Once again your video reminds me that the making of a successful pot is not as much in the throwing it on the wheel but in the slow drying, working on the piece in multiple sessions and the careful eye to detail. Someone told me this week to treat each piece as if it's a masterpiece. You definitely do this and I definitely need to work on this more. Thanks for another great video.

  2. You are very inspiring. I’m very interested in pottery because this channel. I will try pottery in the near future!

  3. Thank you for this video. I very much appreciate your attention to detail! And if you can keep your workstation that clean after such long days of throwing, so can I. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. What a great video! Does anybody know, how this was done , before the invention of plastic sheets?

  5. Im just about to finish the first ever ceramics class I've taken and honestly it's my favorite thing I've ever done. Your videos are so inspiring and informative I love them so much, you're everything I hope to become one day.

  6. Do you sometimes get back pain when you sit for long periods of time? Good work to i looks so nice ????????????????

  7. Thank you for another video Florian 🙂 Of course I watch every one of them until the end. The tidying up is one of the best parts. It is so satisfactory to see you leave your workshop spotless.

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