Making a 1,000 Wick Candle

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• How we could have used the extra templates to hold down the wick bases
• Katelyn broke the camera
• Poop spray story
• Any practical uses for this?
• What the heck will we do with it now?
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Wax melter
Galvanized Steel Drain Pan
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28 Replies to “Making a 1,000 Wick Candle”

  1. I feel so betrayed by Katelyn and I wasn't even the one to get pranked with that poop spray

  2. Would be good to have it as a bug away candle and then use it outside like this video is.

  3. Will it relight?? I'm very curious!! You guys are so cute btw! Love your videos! ????

  4. In your Hello Fresh ad… what brand of knives do you two own and use? I am looking to buy a new set, but I want something with more thickness and weight that still cut well. Ron Popil's knives are great, but a little too thin for thicker items to cut.

  5. Umm how long do you think this would last. For the size, heat output, and easiness to stack compared to firewood, this is actually a lot of heat. Even 1/2 or less would be a lot of heat as long as the whole thing lit up.

  6. I would love to see you guys make a dipped and carved candle. Those things are gorgeous and you guys could get so creative.

  7. I've been roasting mini-marshmallows over candles for decades now, literally. It is fun to put one on a toothpick and roast it over the candle while watching Halloween movies. I have weird Halloween traditions, all benign, but weird, lol. I wouldn't eat the marshmallows with scented candles though.

  8. This was way more complicated, informational and interesting that I thought it would be.

  9. This whole video I was panicking thinking you were going to put this out with water.

  10. LMAO not Katelyn being all gremlin with the poop spray. Was she gonna add that spray for candle scent?

  11. I was soooo convinced you were going to use the poop spray to scent the candle. Wow, that was suspenseful.

  12. What if you made a candle wick 3 inches thick? or 4 inches thick?

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