Making a bush canopy for the Abandoned TD9 Dozer & winching over a big leaning tree..

I got this canopy off an old dozer that was off to the scrap yard, I was the wrong size for the TD9 so I had to cut it into sections and rebuild it to suit the TD9. Feels a lot safer winching heavy loads and working in the forest.

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  1. Amazing as usual Marty, thanks for the entertainment, getting my Kiwi fix does me good 🙏🙏🙏

  2. As a captains apprentice on deep sea trawlers when 16, one of the first things I was warned about was the cables snapping & whipping back on board. They told me of men being cut in half, losing arms, decapitated etc. There are no second chances if you ignore personal safety.

  3. Phosphoric Acid is the base ingredient in every rust neutralizer and is a fraction of the price.I bought 4 liters from a guy in Napier.

  4. As always very enjoyable video Marty thank you hopefully your next video cutting up that huge tree and stump removal

  5. You’re living the life man, doing it like you mean it! Awesome work on the canopy and felling. I hope we get to see it being turned into firewood and planks. Cheers from Victoria🍻

  6. Hola Marty……Gran trabajo te quedó bastante bien la protección, y el derribo mejor aún…..como siempre muy entretenidos tus videos!!!…….Consulta!……No has pensado en arreglar la cabina de la excavadora?……Saludos desde Chile!!!

  7. Great video bro that is a tough looking ROP, get the pollen from the Tokaroa forests about 30 miles from here when the wind is in the south and it's been bad this year. Anyway safe travels down your way

  8. 10 style points extra for leaving the back corner of the roof cockeyed. Would have looked way too tidy if you’d bashed that out.

  9. Are you running all those power tools off the washing machine?? That’s a lot of juice!

  10. Marty little off topic but was that the son of angry ram at about 2min in on the video?

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