Making a Handmade Picnic Bag


Art.Pueblo 1.7mm (4oz)
Ezer Leather :

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  1. Добрый день,что за метерьял Вы приклеили?

  2. I used to work for a large couture house in Paris some years ago and although it wasn't my job I would make mock ups of the handbags of the future collection for the designer for the bosses who couldn't visualise the drawings. It was great fun finding solutions and getting the proportions right. No one told them that I did the prototypes, didn't matter, I got paid in fun!

  3. It's gorgeous 💗. I want to make one to use as a handbag once I have a bit of leather crafting experience. Thank you. 😊

  4. Beautiful work. I truly enjoy your videos. Question: is that just adhesive-backed suede that you lined the bag with?

  5. 숨도 못쉬고 감상했나봐요 감동입니다👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  6. Another beautiful work! Admire and love your crativity and leathercraft! your videos help me a lot and bring me forward!! Thaaaasnk youuuu!

  7. If anyone would be making this bag from the pattern, it is important to be aware of some mistakes in the pattern.

    I am making the bag with your pattern, and there are several mistakes which cause big issues. And when I see your video, I can see that you are not following the same pattern. For one the punched out corner, for the bottom is much bigger on the pattern, this causes a big gap in the bottom side stitches. The holes for stitching at the sides of the bottom, do not line up – 9 holes on one side of the pattern and 10 on the other side, which causes the big gap as well.
    – this problem can be mitigated by not removing all of the corner and adding the last hole where the punched out corner should have been. Just like its not cut out in the video.

    On the pattern there are also no stitching holes for the top of the bag, where the lining leather is not covering the fabric. So with the pattern the fabric would undo itself over time and with use of the bag.
    – therefor there needs to be stitched over the fabric just like in your video and not like the pattern.

    I can still manage to fix my bag and make a good result in the end, but I wish to help anybody from the mistakes in the pattern.

    Happy leatherworking!

  8. Какая аккуратная, красивая сумка, а на работу мастера можно смотреть бесконечно 😍

  9. 코로나 하루빨리 물리치고 오랫만에 포근하고 정겨운 이 가방 들고 나들이 한 번 해봤으면……
    하안님, 힐링되는 좋은 영상 항상 감사합니다.

  10. Um, you put suede in something thats going to carry food and drinks? Besides that its a beautiful design.

  11. Beautiful design, thank you for sharing!
    May I ask how you have sewn the bottom stitching to the stitching line on the side of the bag? You did the sides first as I saw, and then the bottom, but there is a gap between those parts if not sewn together.

  12. Just curious to know, would it not have been better if you put small magnets or flexible magnetic sheets in the handle instead of the snap fastener?

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