Making Fried Rice Faster Than A Restaurant | But Faster

Some might ask did a shrimp fry this rice… No, but it is the fastest homemade fried rice.

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14 Replies to “Making Fried Rice Faster Than A Restaurant | But Faster”

  1. You did an amazing job and I have no doubt that they tasted scrumptious

  2. that fried rice was cooked so bad and slow. ingredients cooked in the wrong order. wrong sauce. all around just bad. 😆

  3. I think next time they should include the after-cooking-clean-up time in the challenge 😈

  4. Yo, is the dude at the end the comedian that used to do those David Blaine parodies?

  5. You should definitely be required to include the time it takes you to do the dishes after you're done cooking. Even with a dish washer, dishes are like 3/4 the reason people don't cook that much at home even if its faster/cheaper/better. When most people get home from work and have a ton of other stuff to do with their 'time off' the last thing they want to do is create more work for themselves.

  6. I am confused about the MSG…thought that only came with store bought Chinese food.

  7. I need to apply the next time there's a job opening for your channel lol

  8. Josh you should make a series called Cheesecake Factory menu but better you’d have infinite content

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