Making my office LOOK and SOUND good!

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This week I’m fixing the sound and lighting in my DIY home office. I cover how to install carpet tile, hang acoustic foam, and how to build and install your own acoustic panels. I also test whether it’s work investing in more expensive foam, or if it’s okay to buy the cheap stuff off Amazon.

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Rockler Bench Cookies
Rockler Bench Cookie Finishing cones
Rockler Marking and Measuring Tool Pouch
Table Edge Router Bit

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Totalboat Halcyon Clear
ISOtunes Pro 2.0 Noise Cancelling headphones
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Sawstop 36” 3 HP Table Saw
Milwaukee M18 Drill and Driver Set
Staple Gun (not the one from the video, but a better one
Drop Cloth
GVS Half Mask Respirator
3M Extreme 30lb Double Stick Tape
Auralex Acoustic Foam Panels in Burgundy
Auralex Acoustic Foam Panels in Grey
Amazon (Budget) Acoustic Foam Panels
Drywall T-Square
Tajima Aluminist Long Blade Knife (for cutting foam)
Tajima Blades
Bosch Laser Level
Barrina Linkable LED Light Bar 4 pack
Milwaukee Deep Cut Portaband Bandsaw
Swag Offroad Portaband stand
Mirka Deros 5” Palm Sander
Milwaukee M12 Oscillating Multi Tool
Ryobi 18v Cordless Hot Glue Gun
Festool TS55 Track Saw
Japanese Pull Saw
Shinwa 45 Degree Square
Bostich 18ga Nail Gun

Brad Rodriguez | Fix This Build That – Acoustic Panels
Alexandre Chappel – Acoustic Panels

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15 Replies to “Making my office LOOK and SOUND good!”

  1. I really like the appearance of your office. The colours come out great – white ceiling, dark purple upper walls, dark turqoise lower walls and the accent with the warm wood panels is very appealing. Also the pattern and the proportions of each section is well balance, as well as the warm bright light as a key feature for good mood. So very well done, Michael. 👍

    (Even if you "stole" the idea of the soundproof ceiling from someone who stole the idea from Alexandre Chappel. But since you gave credits, that's fine. And it really came out great – even better than Alexandre's design.)

  2. This is an incredible instruction video. Looking to do something similar. What about air exchange or ventilation?

  3. I have the small barrina grow lights, and I really like them. I use them in my bedroom, which doesn’t get much natural light anywhere except right by a window, for houseplants. I saw them recommended on MissOrchidGirl’s channel, so it was cool to see another one of their products on a channel I watch, especially since you did a lot of research to choose them and showed how you customized the install!

  4. You mentioned that you had to mod the lighting because it didn't seem to be built for a flush-to-ceiling mount. I've seen some light fixtures where they depended on an air gap for cooling, and flush-mounting voided the warranty. I dont say that as a "you should rip it out because it'll 100%" but more as a "if it fails and it seems like it was very quick", that could be why.

    Looks amazing, though!

  5. Very nice! Glad you went with acoustic insulation, that must have done so much! Love to see your take on a large diffusion panel to get the last of that flutter echo from the flat walls behind the mic and behind your seat. Diffusion panels are also just really cool looking, especially a fractal or skyscraper design with scrap wood in the shop!

    And a fun phonetic version of "The Quick Brown Fox" is "With tenure, Suzie'd have all the more leisure for yachting, but her publications are no good."

  6. Great improvement, although I have some doubts of the aesthetics of that purple foam as it is now.

  7. People always ignore the ceiling. It's the biggest culprit. BTB, I think around the rugged rock the ragged rascal ran is a much better test of acoustics. Just saying.

  8. Your office is so nice! It's definitely aesthetically and (phonetically) acoustically pleasing. Well done, Michael

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