Making of "Get in the Boat" | The Power of Stock Footage

Here’s a look at the process to do the “Get in the Boat” video. Please enjoy.

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  1. You are SOOOOOOO talented and SOOOOOOO generous sharing the behind the scenes. Can't thank you enough…… (I'm a Disney Artist and I'm SUPER SUPER impressed with your amazing work.)

  2. Many of your videos are like the ones that play at the end of commercial breaks on Disney Channel

  3. Can you give us more visual effects adventures tutorial, with James going on Egyptian adventures or a Spider-Man effects video?

  4. Looks dramatic and fun. James' world is coming to lifr. I like how the camera shakes. You should very dramatic heavy orchestra to fit this scene. Nice job.

  5. Hi Action Movie Dad!! My son is absolutely impressed by your work. My son is on the autism spectrum and is obsessed with acting and special effects. Its all he watches all day is your sons videos. Hes been asking me for so long what program you use to create these special effects. Im sure being a novice such programs would be really hard to navigate for me. He would love to make his own videos for his own entertainment. Can you suggest some cool apps on the phone or computer that we can play around with special effects from videos he has made of himself. Thanks a heap, hoping you can help a mumma out.


    Though I would like to add another way, perhaps a much easier and higher quality one to get Full HD stock videos. If you’re interested in more than 18 000 Full HD stock videos (250 added every month) I suggest you head over here RIGHT NOW, while the package is still up:

    Don’t forget to let me know what you think.

  7. How I would do it: Rotoscope the boat, go frame by frame animating it, then add the waves under it(put the boat footage on-top)

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