Making Our Own Eco-Friendly Ganpati At Home l DIY Making Ganpati Idol At Home l Juhi Parmar

Ganpati ji has been extremely special and lucky for me and our home. Two years ago, we for the first time welcomed Ganpati Bappa to our house, and on the same day I started my mother blogging journey. And then last year, I started my Vlogging Journey on Youtube during Ganpati, both of which with His blessings have given me so much love from all of you.

This year Ganpati is going to be celebrated very differently as there will be no guests coming and the celebrations will be within the confines of our homes. And so we decided while we have been going ecofriendly every year, this year lets make our own Ganpati Idol at home. None of us are experts but the beauty is in the love and devotion. There was a magical feeling by the end of it when we saw our Ganpati ji and everything just felt right!

Ganpati Bappa Morya!

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26 Replies to “Making Our Own Eco-Friendly Ganpati At Home l DIY Making Ganpati Idol At Home l Juhi Parmar”

  1. Juhi ji ap kafi samjh dar hn but ye baat kyon nhi samjhi abhi tak ye sab jo bna rhi ho ghalat hai gunah hai khuda sirf aik hai or wo Allah hai

  2. Tum log b kya h kin chakron mn pary ho phly khud apny hathon se murti bnaty ho r phir khud hi us ki puja krte ho is se axha apni khud hi pooja kr liya kro kyun is butt ko bnaya to tumhare hi hathon ne to in fact apny hathon ki pooja kra kro zyada bhtr rhy ga stupid people Matti k bny putlon bejan cheezon ko poojty hn r pta nhi kya kya

  3. She is so strong she is a single mom and she is happy n very protective to her daughter .

  4. App logo ko or kaam hi kya hai
    Bus ye sab pagl pagl cheeze karne se fursat mile to kuch Karen na

  5. The Ganesha is so beautiful, we really all our cousins liked it , can u show us the detail making , as can learn pls

  6. So beautiful,thank u mam,i also tried ganesh ji ki murti in different way,plz check & subscribe my channel,i want ur support

  7. Beautiful 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  8. Juhi whenever I look at you, I feel sadness in your eyes. I hope you find eternal happiness and fulfilment

  9. Wow juhii jii ..aap mujhe bohot aache lagte hoo..kumkum seriel me aap bohot aache lagte the

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