Making Snickers At Home | But Better

Homemade candy bars are easier than I thought, sorry Snickers.

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21 Replies to “Making Snickers At Home | But Better”

  1. Are you a mechanic during the day? Your fingernails are filthy. The thought of eating your food after those disgusting digits have prepared it is nauseating.

  2. Now that's a snickers vein that makes a republican suck a big black-

  3. Day 7 of asking Joshua to try Fufu or pounded yam and egusi soup 🤗

  4. I’m allergic to peanuts, so cannot make or eat this treat. I live in France and do do love my pharmacie, but I do miss an American pharmacy!

  5. I’m sure using milk chocolate, even a good one, would make it a bit more snickers like. The mars chocolate has almost no taste though

  6. I cannot tell you how long I've been waiting for josh to make this one.

  7. The secret to the snickers is that they grind up old snickers and mix it with the nougat……it’s a chicken and egg situation……They did a show about them on uk television called snack masters.

  8. Hey josh if there was a shopping list item calculator on your site where you could tick the recipes you want to make and a shopping list was generated that would be cool (adding weights of the same products together), might make one in excel.

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