24 Replies to “Making your own coffee creamer is SO simple! #coffeecreamer #homemade #recipe”

  1. If you just put a tbsp of sweetened Condensed milk in your coffee… you will be oh so happy????

  2. That is so simple and I have all them ingredients in my cupboard besides the milk ????????????????????????????
    That's in the fridge

  3. I use International Delight since it's not made with soy ingredients.( I have a soy allergy ) I prefer their flavors and taste over anything else that I've tried

  4. I used to buy the dunkin donuts cold brew caramel coffee for around $5.99 in the refrigeration area but I make my own with the same ingredients plus caramel and French brewed coffee. I just add a few ingredients to your base and bam I have double the amount of cold brewed coffee. I drink it cold in the hotter summer months and if I want it hot then I just heat it up a cup at a time as needed.

  5. hello ma'am can you make video of you making this in a powder form?

  6. My favorite is whole milk, real maple syrup, and vanilla! Especially in iced coffee ????

  7. Can you figure out how to make cinnamon hazelnut creamer and cinnamon vanilla creamer, please.

  8. I am one of those add coffee to my creamer kind of gal. I've been trying to switch to oatmilk creamer. I actually need to check the label if that has chemicals too.

  9. I'd be curious how your migraines do trying this.
    My migraines in order are
    Too much sugar,hormones, anxiety.
    I hope it helps

  10. Mandy isnt condensed cream fatting ?
    You never said yes or no so I like find out . Tks tho

  11. We don’t have creamers in the UK, we have good ol’ milk, or cream.. lol! You just add sugar or sweetener for the sweetness. Of course coffee shops have syrups etc, but for the most part we have milk (or your preferred non dairy alternative) & sugar 🙂 That’s how we make British tea too; tea bag, sugar / sweetener if you choose, hot water, remove the tea bag, add milk of choice, stir, that’s it!
    I’ve heard a lot of these creamers have many, many chemicals in. They’ve never even been seen in our neck of the woods, fun fact! Lol.
    My 78 year old Dad likes just 1/4 of a teaspoon of brown sugar (more natural / less refined) in his coffee with milk 🙂 xx

  12. I use the International Delight French Vanilla and nothing compares to it (to me) flavor wise but I recently found out there is nothing but chemicals in it -not even any dairy! I feel naive for not knowing that but was mind blown. So I got a natural creamer option from Sam’s but it just taste like super sugary milk. Maybe I’ll try adding vanilla extract to it? Lol I’m desperate for a comparable alternative.

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