Maleficent / Angelina Jolie – Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation

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Artist: Garsonmusic

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30 Replies to “Maleficent / Angelina Jolie – Speed art (#Photoshop) | CreativeStation”

  1. YOOOOOOOOOOOOO anyone if your in my Digi tech class and you see this just know

    i have no idea who any of you are!!

  2. I will always be confused on how before when I would watch this there was music, but now there’s no music for me

  3. Not to be rude, but isn't speed painting starting from scratch? This is bit more like Photoshop… almost a shortcut. Other than that great work!

  4. wooooow, todo perfecto, solo k no se yo pero le hizo falta en la mirada, en la imagen parece que malefica es buena, y en la foto de malefica real se ve malevola ironica,

  5. he cheated. he grabbed stuff from other things and there is another person better then him because of it and he just DREW that stuff

  6. Look it looks cool but please never ever use the eraser tool again for cutting out things, it's very inconsistent…

  7. this is amazing!!! when we just see this picture photoshop, we can know what this movie actually mean! plz make more!!!

  8. I stopped watching when I realized Maleficent's "crown" was being painted over in black instead of being selected out with a Layer Mask.

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