Martha Teaches You How to Cook Steak | Martha Stewart Cooking School S4E3 "Steakhouse"

When you crave a steak, nothing beats a steakhouse dinner. In this episode, Martha makes five of her favorite menu items: a Classic Martini, Baked Stuffed Clams, Porterhouse Steak with a compound butter, Creamed Spinach and Baked Potatoes. They’re all guaranteed to satisfy a big appetite.

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00:00 Introduction
1:01 How To Make A Martini
4:16 How To Make Baked Stuffed Clams
11:14 How To Cook Steak
16:23 How To Make Creamed Spinach
20:44 Baked Potato Recipe
23:35 How To Make Oven Baked Fries

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This Episode originally aired on PBS as Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Season 4 Episode 3

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Martha Teaches You How to Cook Steak | Martha Stewart Cooking School S4E3 “Steakhouse”

15 Replies to “Martha Teaches You How to Cook Steak | Martha Stewart Cooking School S4E3 "Steakhouse"”

  1. Thank you Martha I truly enjoyed this video Expertly given by you to us. Such a great treat to see how it must be done correctly.

  2. Happy belated Birthday, Martha! I learned about the T-Bone/Porterhouse difference when this aired. Thank you for everything you teach.

  3. Yes belated Happy 80th Birthday Martha Stewart !!! May you continue to show the world your finesse and fabulousness you bring.

  4. When I was young I ordered steak well done because the idea of pink meat skeeved me out, and seemed unappealing. Well, sometimes the immature palate needs to grow and change. So much time has passed, and today I laugh at that youth who consumed shoe leather. Nowadays I have to have it medium or medium rare; there must be some pink in there for tenderness. Mind you, I don't indulge in steak often, but when I do, it should be a tasty treat.

  5. Who would’ve known to take your frustrations out on a potato would make them so delectable and fluffy delicious. Thanks for that pointer Martha.

  6. Mm, I'm coming over. All of my favorites too!! 😋🍸🌿🥔🗜

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