McDonald's Big Mac: A Short History

McDonald’s Big Mac was seen as a revolutionary idea when Jim Delligatti invented it in 1965, and the burger became the chain’s flagship menu item. Delligatti died Monday at age 98. Photo: McDonald’s

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17 Replies to “McDonald's Big Mac: A Short History”

  1. Dang millennials, we’re gonna end up killing off this treasure. Go out and buy Big Macs!!!!

  2. 1 in five millennials? Kinda doubt that maybe a whopper from my experience working at both mcdonalds and burger King, mcdonalds gets more younger buyers where as burger King gets more older buyers but that's from my experience in my city

  3. Only one question to my favorite burger nowadays, Where's the Beef?? Its like I'm paying for three huge slices of bread with patties almost the size of pickles

  4. 1 in 5 millennials have tried it meanwhile every other doordash order I receive is a Big Mac meal

  5. Jim Delligati did not invent the Big Mac sandwich. He basically renamed the Bob's Big Boy burger, which was created by Bob Wian. "Interviewed by the Los Angeles Times in 1993, Delligatti agreed that he was not the inventor of the double-decker burger". He basically rebranded the Big Boy burger.

  6. I'm disappointed they didn't mention that the Big Mac is basically a ripoff of the Big Boy.

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