MEAL PREP HACKS / How To Meal Prep // Rachel Aust

Here are some of my tips to help you out when it comes to meal prepping! I often get asked questions on my meal prep videos about how to get started 🙂
PS the containers are from Daiso and I can’t link them because they’re not available online.

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Rye Mann – California
Permission granted by Rye Mann // CC BY 4.0

21 Replies to “MEAL PREP HACKS / How To Meal Prep // Rachel Aust”

  1. Again, so inspiring! I love you videos – it is so good to get a visual of what you do. Where did you get your containers from? x

  2. Thank you for your videos Rachel, it is so refreshing listening to you. And your Australian!! all the better, I know I can go out and purchase the groceries items you show us. So happy. Keep on going.

  3. this video was so helpful! I feel like I slowly learned these tips over time of meal prepping!

  4. Hi rachel, great videos! Ive been following your channel for a while and got great ideas especially for meal prep. Could you kindly let me know what app you are using to keep a note of all groceries to buy and all that? Many thanks x

  5. Just written an extensive shopping list and excited to do all my meal prep tomorrow afternoon! Your meal prep videos are great and so helpful! Thanks Rachel 😀

  6. Did you always do this or it took some time to workout the system? I can't really see myself being this organized about food so I'm asking if there's any hope.

  7. +Rachel Aust
    I love your videos and blog and …literally everything you do!
    I was wondering.. Would you consider adding calories to all your recipes? Or can you maybe make a video how to calculate calories by yourself/ how to check nutrition of the "final" meal. Food changes nutrition values during cooking, baking etc., am I right?
    I would love to hear your advice!
    Thank you <3

  8. I literally watch your videos everyday. I even re-watch some of them. I can't help it I just love your channel! Can you please make a fridge/pantry organization video?

  9. I've been thinking about making smoothie/juice baggies. How long do you keep them in your freezer? I know bananas will turn brown even in the freezer. ~Smile!

  10. When freezing dips like humus does it become watery from the ice? How can you prevent this?

  11. any tips for those who have a small fridge and an almost non existent freezer 🙁

  12. So when you're going to eat one of the containers, what are you doing? How are you eating, microwave or oven? How are you warming them up? Can you explain a little bit? I've just started to learn cooking 🙂 thank you! They looks delicious!

  13. Obsessing over this video, why haven't I bern thinking of preparing a smoothie bag? Also, where are your white containers from? 🙂

  14. Thank you beautiful! This is really helpful. Great ideas – I love the smoothie one – never thought of it that way! Love your tips and videos xXx

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