Mermaid Fishtail Tutorial

A tutorial on the mermaid fishtail braid and how to turn it into a gorgeous updo when you’re done. What do you think of this angle from the camera? I tried a more narrow lense setting this time. Better or worse? Please comment below

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  1. I can not wait to braid my hair up like this. Thanks for the easy-to- follow tutorial.

  2. wow! it's beautiful… thanks for that wonderful idea,,, now i can use that for my hairstlyles….

  3. you do it so fast I would subscribe but you are going so fast that I can't do it I want to try it but you go so fast and I have never done this before so I'm not subscribing

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  6. I already new how to do that braid and I like cute girls hairstyles better than yours because they ask what braids you want them to tutorial just saying

  7. Lovely! Thanks for this post! I'm gonna make my doll's hair in this mermaid fishtail do later… hugs!

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