Mexican Chipotle Pork and Beans

Mexican Chipotle Pork and Beans is a big pot of saucy, shreddable meat in a rich, spicy, chipotle sauce. Pork shoulder is slow cooked into fall-apart submission with meaty lima beans that absorbs the bold flavoured sauce. Stuff in tacos, serve over red rice, or eat like stew!


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  1. Looks delicious but unfortunately Chipotle in adobo sauce is kind of hard and expensive to source in the UK!

  2. Wrong Again, Look when you convert someone else's Mexican recipe, you need to correctly identity the alternative name or substitution. Mexican oregano = marjoram (same family and similar flavour)

    Also, why only one can of beans for that much meat? go back original recipe and try again. i think you stuff up the conversion of dried beans to can beans.

  3. Chipotle In adobo is such an underrated flavor bomb! Love seeing you use it here. The allspice is super interesting. I learned Mexican cooking from actual Abuela recipes and she used a small cinnamon stick and a tiny bit of clove (usually 2-3, but sometimes only 1!) per recipe. I’m going to start adding an allspice berry or two in my dishes to round out the sweet warm flavors.

  4. Very delicious looking Australian version of a "Mexican" style recipe. Interesting combinations of spices that are very Pakistani.

  5. That's gotta be some beautiful pork beans comfort cuisine right there! Would be spectacular in a burrito.

  6. This looks awesome for a great winter dish downunder … the recipe just arrived in email. Thank you ????????

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  8. Люблю национальную кухню! в ней своя изюминка! Спасибо Вам !????I love national cuisine! it has its own charm! Thank you !

  9. First!! Amazing as ALWAYS!!! Tysm for all your recipes. You’ve Inspired me to have my own channel, I hope it grows as much as yours has!

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