28 Replies to “Mike Rashid: Train with Earth”

  1. Sometimes I walk to a bridge near my house and do pull ups underneath it on its metal support beams

  2. He says to train ur mind as strong as the body…. Try training ur mentaly to surpass the body….. I did it and ended up fainting

  3. goosh all those steroids inside u and still having skinny fucking calves :facepalm:

  4. I'm so tired of people saying this people have chicken legs just because of calves. Calves are the slowest growing muscle in your body, and like Mike Rashid, he has high calves which are calves that look smaller, but make you faster, while some other people have low calves which makes you more balanced, but low calves also look bigger. He can not do anything about his calves they grow too slow (you can get calve implants for $10k). He does not have chicken legs, he clearly squats.

  5. squats work quads, leg curls work hams… how much can he calf raise. thats the question

  6. Great words man. I'm a new fan. Keep posting because your ideals are powerful.

  7. The name of the song is called A Thousand Beautiful Things by Annie Lennox

  8. Everybody thats hatin on his legs cant fuk wit him in the gym on any leg workout… Easy to talk shit when u aint the one on display for everybody to see. "STOP HATIN"

  9. Why niggaz worried about his shoes bein tied and if they're "trail" shoes??? And his calves are relatively small but he aint skippin leg days cuz he BEASTS out on them squats!

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