Military Surplus Map Pouch : Having Maps for loss of GPS or SHTF

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The Czech Military Surplus Map case including two transparent map sleeves in new condition. Maps will be vital in a grid down or just when you can’t get GPS service. Having Maps on hand are a necessary survival item to have around.

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27 Replies to “Military Surplus Map Pouch : Having Maps for loss of GPS or SHTF”

  1. I was a land nav guru back in the day. Give me a military map and a compass and get out of the way.

  2. Thanks Sootch. I didn't know these existed. I agree Corporals Corner videos on using a compass is super helpful and easy to understand.

  3. I just checked Sportsman's Guide. The Czech Military Surplus Map Case is sold out.

  4. so many people dont even know how to read a map now a days 🙁 . i work as a truck driver and a trainer i couldnt even tell you how many dont know how to read one . let alone a fraction of those whom do know how to read a map cant read a topo and lead them selves out with a compass on either map

  5. Hi Sootch, do Sportsman's Guide ship internationally? Also what alot of the bushcraft guys are doing in the UK is getting their maps printed up onto silk clothes, just like having it on a handkerchief, it won't tear, rip, crease etc so easily, doesn't matter if it gets wet etc. Thought I'd mention that.

  6. Good luck getting it on Amazon the army survival guide won’t ship until September!

  7. When I was a company commander I went on a rant about depending on GPS. My brigade commander pulled me aside and told me I’m on the right track. If WW3 breaks out between the big boys, all of those satellites will become space junk.

  8. As an Army Defense Mapping School graduate from 1986…I gotta say i LOVE my maps. My old Delorme Gazateers are all safely stashed in my special spot. The older ones were more detailed.

  9. At staples I found maps. Maybe try there if you can't find maps some where else

  10. Thats what i was just thinking about putting in my bag. My car has a map. But not my bag

  11. Map apps still work as maps when GPS doesn't connect….they also allow you to download maps so you don't need download data.

  12. Some years ago, before GPS, when I did a fair amount of traveling by motorcycle I carried a big ziploc full of maps. I still love using them. I had forgotten the name of the company DeLorme so thanks for showing that. Also Corporal's Corner is a great reference for land nav. Plus if you are like me and tying your shoes is about as fancy as you get with knots Corporal's Corner has a great video on knot tying.

  13. See!?!? We may be old… but he and I agree… I get a lot of flak!! When I open my garage and someone see's my BRIEFCASE; and I open it, to show all the OLD ROAD MAPS. But, they and MY USGS Survey maps MAY be useful again!!

  14. Print/buy a map. You need a map. But if it gets really bad there won’t be street signs so you need a good sense of direction, a nice prayer and if you can read a compass you’ll be ahead Unless the magnetosphere gets much weaker but there will be worse things happening if that goes south.

  15. I picked up a bunch of maps for myself, a few friends and family a couple years ago that were clearanced for $2 each. Cashier looked at me like a I was crazy, lol.

  16. So, what is your pace count? Where is your map protractor and compass? (Drafting compass/divider)

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