Minimalist Closet Clear Out / Declutter | 40 Item Wardrobe for the Year

Quick announcement: I just made an Instagram account! A few of your have asked to follow me on other platforms and/or to see more of what I wear, so I will attempt to post outfits on Instagram moving forward. No idea yet if I’ll be any good at it.

It’s my favorite kind of video! Here, I share a bit about my journey to reaching the small, simple, minimalist wardrobe that I have today. I started with an absolute ton of clothing two years ago, and in my last clear out I was able to pare down from 118 items to 50 items of clothing for the entire year. In this video, I work my way down to just 40 items of clothing for the year. This is not a capsule wardrobe; this is my entire wardrobe.

Note: the thumbnail shows fewer items than I have because I store my outerwear in the front coat closet of my house, and four items of clothing were either in the wash or currently being worn.

To learn about what I mean by “warm” and “cool” clothing, see this video:

16 Replies to “Minimalist Closet Clear Out / Declutter | 40 Item Wardrobe for the Year”

  1. I saw a few videos years ago, and have now tracked your channel down to watch again and subscribe.

    Thanks for keeping these up (-:

  2. Hi!! I actually started my journey about 2 yrs ago as well😁 thank you for being a realistic minimalist!

  3. I’ve found American Eagle brand jeans to be super comfy but the elastic does that on every pair I’ve ever had. The more stretch the jean has the more elastic they put in it, and it creates almost a ripple on them in areas like the crotch and zipper and knees. So frustrating!

  4. I’m trying to become more minimal overall in my life. I’ve counted my clothing, there’s a lot. I was just wondering do you count your pyjamas and underwear and bras as part of the overall wardrobe number.

  5. Question: when you delete a piece that you don’t replace, what do you do with the hangar?

  6. You could also borrow a dress from a friend if you need one for a wedding or special event

  7. I love your videos, because of you being you, not any cheezy and long intros that never end… The way you go through your process and how you show this is a huge inspiration to buy less and give away not used clothes, declutter and get more use of what i own.

  8. Omygosh not trying to be mean but goodness your voice is boring. I like the wardrobe tips but oh my that was painful.

  9. Eliminating your cloths does not seem realistic. The blouses need matching pieces and I didn’t see that in the cloths you chose. I would never down size cloths. Different looks uplift your mood.

  10. I would keep the dress and skirt if they fit. You've already paid for them, and it's more cost effective to have them for special events than to rent clothes, which may not fit, and could be a problem if you get a stain on them, not to mention time spent looking for rental clothes. Two items isn't going to overload any closet.

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