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24 Replies to “Mixed Girl TAG”

  1. Did you once live in Nigeria or so? You have a bit of their accent.

  2. I don't think you are happy and I will tell you why.All this talk about where you came from is a facade, and that means you are dissatisfied with the location you are living in according to my interpretation of you.My advice to you is travel to Hebron and taste it's grapes in the summer and don't forget it's pickles.You might not think much of what I say,but that's because you haven't experienced the pleasure which you are struggling to find in the area where you are currently located.My advice to you also is don't marry a man from the area where you are located in because he will not guide you to happiness.Many young beautiful women like you are doing these videos because they are dissatisfied and losing hope in the men that surround them,I understand.However you won't find happiness in tracing your roots because you are following your roots one way or the other without having to discover them.You don't need to look in the mirror to know you have beautiful eyes,and you don't have to be convinced that your DNA is different because you found out some details which were surprising for you but not new.I can help guide you to happiness if you heed to my advice,otherwise you will continue to search with the hope that someone will give you my advice one way or the other.You can take my advice but you need to open your heart and then your mind will understand.I say this because I understand as a young man and father of a beautiful daughter what responsibility requires.As a young woman you need guidance and you should consider the kind of man who will be suitable to advise you.I understand the men around you lack the experience to give you the advice that will put your heart at ease, which is why I sympathize with you.Please don't be fooled by a man is appearance because that is fleeting and consider that he will be judged for his actions.Obviously the men in your area are not an example to follow because of their inability to reach the higher goals in life which cannot be attained by them remaining in the area you are in.Your location makes a big difference and is a reflection of what you plan to do.You won't get far in that area, trust me and you might long for my advice the longer you stay there because of its emptiness.I say this because you lack the ability to measure and your ability to measure is based on your physical abilities.You understand that by tracing your roots you can only measure so far that you will come to the conclusion that you are still distant from the place your soul is inclined to going.Many women do these videos and enjoy appearing in videos because they don't want to be forgotten.however the result is the same as long as they remain in the same location,which is why they are continuing in searching they will continue in moving away from the right direction quicker than before.Also they incline to a man which they feel will help lift them out of their misery and they exceed their desire to indulge in pleasures which reflect the misery which awaits them after those fleeting pleasures dwindle quickly.By now you should consider that I saw your video for a reason,and my advice to you can be of use,if you really understood who I am and why I am alive. My past is a continuation to the future until my final destination arrives and becomes permanent.My actions guide me to that destination which will be where my rights will be restored. So I wonder what rights will you be given in addition to the rights promised to you and will that be enough to make you satisfied or will that be enough to bring you closer to safety.Events happen so people can arrive to areas which will be bring them closer to their benefit, when they have less to exchange with.I wonder what will you receive in exchange for remaining in the area you are in.European men don't go far even when they plan to.You might not care what I say but you will live according to my interpretation because of my experiences which is why I am not in doubt of young woman..You might think my experiences are fleeting but you cannot decide on what rights were taken away from me and how I decided to make up for what was stripped from me.I am not selfish and I happened to plant the seed not too far away from where the promise of the hereafter will begin.Maybe that's because I left something there that has to be returned and cannot be compensated by money.Maybe that's because I'm convinced of what I'm saying,lastly it's because of the location of where my right has to be restored that I emphasize location and maybe you might consider me lucky but maybe that's why I was saved and why I am trying to save you. Salamualykum sister.

  3. I’m late but I had a feeling you’re part Brazilian because of your last name lol

  4. Girl, you'll probably never see this but… Im a DE Silva, and I'm also a mixed girl. With Brazilian/Portuguese from the Silva side!!!! It's great to see a youtuber that has something in common with me!

  5. Lool people never guess my ethnicity right either. I'm kinda mixed (3/4 Somali and 1/4 Malagasy) and I always get Latina, Arab sometimes, Trinidadian etc. Closest anyone's gotten to my actual ethnicity is Ethiopian 😂

  6. My dad is Egyptian Turkish and my mother is Australian Italian.. feels so good to be mixed 🇪🇬 🇦🇺 🇮🇹🇹🇷

  7. I'm Spanish Palestinian my dad is from Gaza Palestine and my mum is from Seville Spain. I feel so good and proud being mixed lol. I'm always mistaken for Syrian which very fun. Rise your hand if you're half Palestinian or Spanish 😉😀.

  8. hi beautiful. i just watched your illuminate video. it was awsome. you are a brave girl ma sha Allah. May Allah protect you and all the Muslims in this world from fitna of dajjal. love loads

  9. I'm In the U.S. My Mom is Costa Rican Mix with Spanish Arab Gypsy! and My Dad is Native American !

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