Modern Kitchen Design 2022 | Beautiful Kitchen Designed for Entertaining | Mr Cabinet Care

Modern Kitchen Design 2022| Beautiful Kitchen Designed for Entertaining | Mr Cabinet Care

Welcome to another Modern Kitchen Design 2022! The kitchen design we are going to share with you is designed for Entertaining!

If you love to play host and make your kitchen entertainment friendly, ask yourself these questions:
• How many people do you generally entertain at one time? 2, 5, 10, more?
• What kind of parties/events do you host? Are they casual sit-down, buffet style, very formal?
• Do you usually cook yourself or bring in food from a caterer?
• If you’re doing the cooking, is it just you, or do you have a partner that helps with preparation?
• Do you plate food and then serve it in another space or do guests come into the kitchen and serve themselves?
Answers to all of these questions can help determine things such as layout, amount of counter space needed, size of appliances, and much more.

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  1. Just discovered you. I love how clearly you explain concepts and visually tie them to beautiful images. Thank you!

  2. Omg…I want to change up my whole kitchen just to have that multitask kitchen! I love It!! ?

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