Mommy Long Legs and Huggy Wuggy Growing Up / 10 LOL OMG DIYs

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Elsa and Anna Adventures / 10 Hot and Cold DIYs:
Do you wonder to know what Huggy Wuggy’s and Mommy’s Ling Legs life was like? Then rather watch our new video.

#MommyLongLegs #HuggyWuggy #LolOmg

Supplies and tools:
• hot glue gun
• acrylic paint set
• craft scissors
• brushes
• modeling tools
• part of a toy
• cardboard sleeve from paper
• beads on a string
• hand pendants
• light clay
• pieces of blue faux fur
• paper
• multi-colored pens
• glitter foam paper
• satin ribbon
• beads
• pink hair extensions
• green tiny bows
• fabrics
• toy eyes
• foam paper version of Huggy Wuggy’s smile
• cardboard tubs
• decorative flowers
• figurines of newlyweds
• baby dolls
• old dolls
• plastic corrugated board
• towel
• thick wire

Tobu, Wholm& Blume – Cool
Tobu – Rollercoaster
Tobu – Pinball
Tobu – Need U
Tobu – Monologue
Tobu – La Belle
Tobu – Joy
Tobu – Candyland pt. II
Tobu – Freedom
Tobu – With Your Love

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