Money Saving Tips | 8 Money Hacks That Saves Us Thousands

We share 8 money-saving hacks that have saved us 1000s!

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12 Replies to “Money Saving Tips | 8 Money Hacks That Saves Us Thousands”

  1. I’m with you on the paper towel idea. I only have paper towels in the kitchen. Cut off my cable and cancelled my kindle subscription.

  2. Hi how are you and family. Love your frugal living tips and tricks videos .god bless you and family with joy peace and happiness always keepsafe take care love always frugal queen voice of a angle heart of gold 🥰🤗🤲🙏🙏❤🧡🧡💚💜💚🧡❤🤲

  3. That is great idea I loved it very helpful tips thanks for sharing you guys. God bless.

  4. Yes I cut the cable, saved 150 dollars a month, started using handi wipes for spills, deductible on car raised 2 yrs ago, getting that ebook for free. I do go in Barnes and Noble sit in front of their fireplace and read for free! I do shop all year round. Really don't like to shop around Christmas for gifts. For me it takes away from the time I like to spend at home watching christmas movies, cooking and eating and enjoying family. I make alot of baskets as gifts 🎁 for 🎄 Christmas and birthdays 🎂 so I get alot of stuff after the holidays and I buy gift cards at the dollar store for 20% off! Great advice! Love 💘 y'all 💕 God bless and may your lives be overwhelmed with blessings 🙏

  5. These are good tips. I go to the library too but I purchase books too I know I read a book each month so I motivates me and then I have others read it.

  6. I use a clothes line, saves some good money in the summer. I also use the clothes line year round, even with snow. As long as it is 40 degrees or windy, the clothes will dry. Check out Melissa Maker's youtube channel. I save a ton of money on cleaning supplies, using her DIY formulas. I bought a bidet about 2 years ago, fantastic. I just bought the minimal one with ambient water temp. No bells or whistles.

  7. Will try the cloth napkins. We don't watch TV or never have cable TV. We occasionally borrow DVDs from our local library. I do have weaknesses for book though. I only buy books or CDs if local and linkplus libraries don't have them. We eat out once a while but order to go. I don't go to a movie theater over twenty years but attend local performances.

  8. Been listening and watching you guys all evening! Help;ed me get my home business work done LOL Thanks for sharing!

  9. When you retire change your Auto Insurance. You don't drive as much when you retire, unless you just love giving them money every month

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