Month by Month Vegetable Sowing Dates

The timings you need to make successful sowings from February until early November.

Every year I publish a Calendar of sowing dates. This is the 2023 version in my webshop:

This year I put extra dates in the calendar. Then in February I received this comment on Facebook from Carla van Weelie in the Netherlands. She wrote:

“I have a no dig allotment for 10 years now. I bought your calendar ‘23. Have some Questions: do you sow bread beans 9 times until April? We sow summer and winter leeks- it seems you only sow winter leeks? and we sow summer and winter carrots, do you too? And what is the difference between onions and onion sets? I would love a video in which you walk us through the calendar.”

00:00 Introduction, including explanation of recommended sowing dates in my calendar
01:07 February sowings…
01:50 Lettuce, options
02:44 Radish
03:07 Onions, bulb and salad (from seeds)
03:54 Speciality veg, kohlrabi and fennel
04:36 Spinach
05:05 Legumes, peas and broad beans
05:46 Peas for shoots
06:00 Beetroot
06:22 Cabbage, two types
07:08 Broccoli, two types
07:31 Cauliflowers
07:56 Heat-loving plants, chilli, pepper, aubergine
08:35 Tomatoes, and why sowing in March may be better than in Feb
09:08 More March sowings…peas for pods
09:34 Carrots and parsnips (first outdoor sowings)
10:03 Celery and celeriac
10:34 Leeks, and basil (March or April)
11:08 Onions from sets
11:28 Potatoes
12:21 April sowings… more warmth-loving plants, eg basil
12:44 Cucumbers, for growing under cover
13:04 Courgettes
13:20 Squash plants
13:53 Sweetcorn
14:15 Chard and leaf beet
14:45 Melons
15:11 May sowings…cabbage
15:27 Brussels sprouts, and kale
15:55 Swedes/rutabagas
16:19 Beans (French, pole, runner, borlotti)
17:12 Summer sowings…
17:36 Endive and radicchio
18:20 Chinese cabbage
19:22 Radish (winter)
19:29 Turnips (end of summer/early autumn)
19:36 Early autumn sowings…rocket, pak choi, mustards
20:01 Lettuce and endive
20:14 Garlic
20:35 Broad beans
20:44 Sowing date reminders – my sowing calendar, available in print and digital, and sowing timeline wallchart
21:03 My book, No Dig, which has lots of detailed info on growing veg

See also this page of my website, where I explain month by month, best sowing dates, and why!

My new book, No Dig, has detailed information on growing all of the vegetables mentioned in this video:

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  1. Unfortunately, none of these dates apply to where I live (northern Canada). We have a very short season. (One planting if we're fortunate). Ground doesn't even warm up til the end of May.

  2. Hola Charles cómo siempre muy agradecida,aprendo tanto de lo que me hace muy feliz aunque mi salud me hace malas jugadas pero ahí voy ,me encantaría algún día tener uno de tus libros aquí en mi país pronto entraremos a otoño muy caluroso , gracias Charles que tengas días lindos y llenos de luz

  3. Mr Charles Dowding you are a miracle! I don't know if I ever came across anything that great quality lectures about gardening as you doing! You are massive inspiration for so many people! Thanks for all your hard job!
    The only problem I need more land as I got only tiny back garden ????

  4. Wow, that video is so rich in information! High quality as always! Also just ordered ten CD60s, I got 8 of them already in use. Very durable and perfect size.

  5. Sehr interessant, ich habe auch schon ausgesetzt. Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

  6. Learning so much from you since two years ago, Mr. Dowding. Thank you for useful videos! BTW, greetings from Myanmar!

  7. Morning Charles, I can’t find one of your calendars this year. Should have already gotten one back in January. Where can I get one now? Thanks Bubba. (Old guy from Arkansas)????????

  8. Wow how helpful is this! Absolutely made my day to watch, thank you so much, this guidance is exactly what I need . ????????????

  9. Very helpful video Charles, I don’t suppose you could do a video on spacing and interplanting? If you’ve already done one of either could you link me to them please?

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