We are approaching the closing of the sale of our home and moving day has finally come! We were able to get a moving company to come in and move the house which allowed me to focus on packing up and moving the shop. It was a huge task and couldn’t have done it without the help of my Brother-in-law Adam (aka. The Cameraman) and my sister Chelsea. We were able to get everything up to the new rental and into the new shop space. I am excited to get things set up and more importantly be super close to the off grid property!

14 Replies to “MOVING DAY & NEW SHOP REVEAL!!!”

  1. I recently had to move my house and my sculpting studio with all my clays… and man I hate moving… so I feel for you.. But once you're settled in the new space.. you'll be invigorated to create and not move again..

  2. Change can be good. Keep moving forward and try not to waste too much time if the place is temporary.

  3. Lol why do all this when you can move your entire family to a manhattan condo that is way nicer for like $9000/rent?

  4. I’m never planning on moving again in my life, but after watching this, I guarantee you I’ll NEVER BE MOVING AGAIN! Thanks for reminding me!

  5. BTW: on moving day (or any other stressful moment) take your wife to dinner! Marital capital accumulates SLOWLY . . . each act of spousal kindness is worth ONE point!!

  6. Wow ditto on comments about all the work you did on the shop and house. Someone is getting a beautiful home!!

  7. My sainted mother-in-law said, "three moves equals one fire". Moving ain't for the faint of heart!!

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