Never Eat These Foods Again!

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When it comes to artificial colors, forever chemicals, and cottonseed oil, avoid them at all cost!

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Forever chemicals in water study:

10 Replies to “Never Eat These Foods Again!”

  1. Do you give Rosie protein power? If so what do you recommend for a 4 year old.

  2. As a parent of a child who was affected by these things, I totally agree with Bobby. My son was 3 and had terrible sleep, only 5 or 6 hours in 24 hours. He would complain his head and tummy were 'swirly'. At 3 he was diagnosed as ADHD. Dr wanted to put him immediately on drugs. I asked Dr to wait as I wanted to try diet modification. Dr laughed at me but agreed. I took Mr3 to a dietitian who gave me a list of 70 food additives, preservatives and colours to avoid. We did this as a family, not just Mr3. Within a week Mr3 was having afternoon naps and going to bed at a decent hour. His behaviour settled immensely, he was never a naughty boy though. Less than a year later his Dr withdrew his ADHD diagnosis. Mr3 is now Mr24.

  3. Why can't they use beet root in our Gatorade, everything is so harmful & full of sugar

  4. I just turned the video on, low & behold I'm sitting here with a bag of doritos & that's Bobby first target ????

  5. Corporations and the government are still poisoning us. I really hope parents don't feed kids this crap anymore. I'm 61 and paying the price for all of this sugar and garbage they pushed on us. I was fooled, and I thank you for your channel and spreading the word about poisonous food.

  6. We were stationed an then my father retired in Germany from 72 to 96. I thought it was amazing that companies had to have one recipe for Europe and another recipe for the USA. Now companies in Germany have to make organic beer because of GMO's.

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