NEVER TOO SMALL: Paris Architect's Small Family Loft Extension – 45sqm/484sqft

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Located near Paris’ Porte D’Ivry, Architect Olivier Menard of Archibien wanted additional space for his growing family without needing to relocate. In partnership with his neighbour he designed a radical change to the building that expanded the top floor apartments into the attic space above. This allowed the first floor to be devoted to living space, alongside a small concealed laundry and soundproofed bathroom, while the second floor could be entirely occupied by the master bedroom and kids room. The master includes built-in storage and a double glazed window that looks down to the kitchen, providing space for a small study desk within the room. Creatively concealed storage ensures the kids room remains open to grow with them over time. Similarly, hidden storage features throughout the rest of the apartment, including steps and stairs that double as shelving, as well as stepped cabinetry in the L shaped kitchen, reflecting the extremely efficient use of space that led this one bedroom apartment to become a family home.

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    Contractors: Sima Batiment, Humeau Eco Construction & Agence Francilienne du Batiment

    Cinematography: @matthieu__torres

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  2. My favourite part of never too small is that the top comment for every video is always: “oh this is by far the best one, no question”

  3. But, but… what about tv or movies?
    Honestly, it's absolutely gorgeous. Stunning!

  4. This really shows everyday living does not need too much square footage…or stuff. From the hidden laundry room (with all those stored items–including a sewing machine!😍) to the fabulous spaces for books, this place is so inspiring!💙

  5. would love to know the cost of uplifing the roof in an old building in the middle of Paris…

  6. I'm so curious about the Terrace. How was that carved out? What's underneath it? Do the apartments below just have this as enclosed space?

  7. I don't understand why these European kitchen have a small closet size refrigerator, don't these "family size" apartment dwellers need a lot of food and shop "economically" twice a month?

  8. Very interesting and inspiring home project and video as always!

  9. How absolutely beautiful. I just love the living area and terrace

  10. This apartment looks spacious and bright, and the terrace is a great asset. It's a pity that it wasn't possible to have the bathroom on the same level as the bedrooms. I like the unique variety of chairs at the dining table!

  11. This is one of the better small spaces I've seen on this channel — simple and elegant. I love making good use of space without excessive use of compartments and fold-out features.

  12. Beau travail : très français ( recycler les objets, simplicité). Bravo

  13. The window sizes are perfect and give such a sense of freedom and possibility. Also love the limestone walls found in these buildings, feel grounded and welcoming.

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